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About Source Surfboards

Source Surfboards is and has always been about hand-shaped surfboards. I am a one- man operation with an insane work ethic and a great appreciation for all of my loyal customers. Quality is my top priority and I understand the importance of building a surfboard the right way. For this reason, I only trust my glasswork to the Santa Cruz Board Builders Guild. Doug Fletcher and Dave Aronovici are the best in the business and their incredible work compliments my shapes. In 2012, I introduced a certificate of authenticity, which is now included with the sale of every board. This document certifies that each Source surfboard is 100% hand-shaped and built out of Santa Cruz, Calif. My passion is to continue the tradition of hand-shaped boards while keeping the artistic side of shaping alive. Although my approach is old school, I look toward the future for inspiration with each new design.

My introduction to the surfboard industry came in the form of a photography assignment at Cabrillo College. This assignment led me to the Arrow Factory. My goal was to get shots of the manufacturing process of a surfboard - start to finish. As a surfer, I was naturally curious and intrigued by this process. By the end of my assignment I had decided to shift my focus from photography to board building. When I was offered a job I was so stoked...little did I know as I swept the floors and cutout logos at the age of eighteen where these humble beginnings would lead me. I wasn't sure but I figured I'd at least improve the quality of my ding repair work. After paying some dues, I was soon glassing, hot coating, routing fin boxes and on a mission to shape myself a board. Wil Jobson and Mark Goin's shaping had caught my eye and now the glass shop end of board building wasn't enough - I wanted to learn the craft of shaping. I was fortunate to have the master of fluid dynamics, Wil Jobson, take the time to teach me the fundamentals of shaping. His unique approach and guidance accelerated my learning curve and took me to the next level.

During this time, I was also given the opportunity to work at the Haut shop under the late Mike Wasch, who was one of the most amazing guys I've ever known. I’m stoked to have worked with him and what he taught me about quality craftsmanship is invaluable. Still expanding my own quiver and those of my friends, I made use of a vacant shaping room in the Haut factory with hopes of one day soon having a career as a shaper. After a few sessions in the shaping room, Doug Haut took notice and soon was giving pointers on how to better execute a shape. I continued to work at the Haut shop over the next 11 years and I am honored to say that the legendary Doug Haut mentored me and is a great friend. Still to this day, I look forward to showing Haut my latest creation and getting his feedback.

In 2005, I spent some time working at the Stretch Surfboard factory, where I had the chance to watch Stretch work his magic with the planer. Working with the hull wizard and my fellow Italian, Marc Andreini, was an awesome experience and turned me on to the thrill of displacement hulls - not only shaping them but also riding them. The opportunity to work with these amazing craftsmen has greatly contributed to my perspectives as a shaper and has helped cement the foundation of my career.

A few achievements I am proud of…

Voted “Best Surfboard Shaper" for Santa Cruz's Good Times - 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014

Awarded “Best of Show” in both the shortboard and longboard categories at the 2011 spring Sacred Craft Expo in Santa Cruz.

“Best of Show” finalist at 2011 fall Sacred Craft Expo in Del Mar

Participated in the 2010 Sacred Craft Tribute to the Master's Shape-off honoring Renny Yater.

I am fortunate to be a part of the surf industry and am grateful for all the friends I've made through this journey. Life is good.

Aloha, Nick Palandrani

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Source Surfboards Santa Cruz, Ca
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