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Cuda Pin Tail

Board Elements: The Cuda is a narrow traditional single fin log. It has a flat rocker for quick trim speed. The bottom is setup with a deep concave that runs 1/3 back from the nose, and then flows into a mild roll. The nose rail is chined to increase control while noseriding, the rail then transitions to a pinched 50/50 through the mid-section and off the tail block. The Cuda is a very lively log for zippy waves. Available in a pin tail or squaretail.

Ideal Wave Size: Up to chest high

Recommended Fins: Source Cali Classic fin

Standard Glassing Schedule: Deck ~ double 7.5oz deck with a double 7.5 deck patch.

Bottom ~ single 7.5oz bottom with a double 7.5 fin patch. Gloss Polish

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