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Mini Simmons

Board Elements:Inspired by Bob Simmons and the crew at Hydrodynamica. This tri-fin planing hull can be surfed in a wide variety of conditions. It has a rolled entry that fades in the midsection lets the board handle a variety of wave conditions with ease. Laminar flow under the board arrives at the bullet concave which runs through the fin section to give the board tremendous lift off the tail block. The wings reduce area in the tail section, which enhances maneuverability and works to prevent spin outs. The spoon nose on the deck minimizes swing weight making the Winged-Simmons a very lively board.

Ideal Wave Size:Knee high to overhead surf

Recommended Fins: Source Moon Keel Fins with low aspect trailer

Standard Glassing Schedule: Deck ~ Double 6oz deck

Bottom ~ single 6oz bottom with fin patch and sanded gloss or gloss polish. 

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