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Arc Tail Scrambler

Board Elements: This board has much influence from Greenough's Velo, The bladed out arc tail, low tail rocker and general outline speak to his revolutionary performance concepts. We've made some simple departures in outline and contours so the board has much in common with displacement hulls. We abandoned the center fin in the conception of the design because we wanted increase snap, drive and down-line trim speed. It's intended as a stand up board but certainly could be ridden as a knee board. The custom fins are intuitive developed along the fin outlines of a bonefish. The board is done as either a twin or a novel adaptation of theTwinzer concept both with the novel bonefish type templates.

The Arc Tail Scrambler works in anything ~ forehand, backhand, lined up walls, glass or onshore mush. We made sure of it by having it tested by the best short and long board surfers Santa Cruz has to offer and using their feed back to refine the design work.

Ideal Wave Size: Knee to overhead

Recommended Fins: Source Scrambler Twin Fin or Twinzer Fin

Standard Glassing Schedule: Double 7.5 oz volan deck, single 7.5 oz volan bottom with sanded gloss or gloss polish.

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