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Split Tail Scrambler

Board Elements:The tempalate, foil and shape is the same as the arc tail scrambler the only change is the tail block. The bladed out split tail allows tail rocker to flex when loaded and gives an added performance boost and snappier feel. The Split tail Scrambler works in anything ~ forehand, backhand, lined up walls, glass or onshore mush. We made sure of it by having it tested by the best short and long board surfers Santa Cruz has to offer and using their feed back to refine the design work.

Ideal Wave Size:Knee to overhead

Recommended Fins: Source Scrambler Twin Fin or Twinzer Fin

Standard Glassing Schedule: Double 7.5 oz volan deck, single 7.5 oz volan bottom with sanded gloss or gloss polish.

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Source Surfboards Santa Cruz, Ca
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