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Sponson Outrigger

Board Elements: The Sponson Outrigger has the same ingredients as the original Sponson model, but with a very progressive tail section making it the ultimate noserider. It is shaped with a scooped fang tail block and Wil Jobson slot tail channels on the bottom for controlled water flow behind the fin and out the tail. The reverse wing-like "outriggers" in the tail are foiled out like fins and have a harmonious flow with the bottom rocker. When you catch a wave and set your rail, the water flows over the outriggers, which pushes the tail down and lifts nose. As trim speed is increased, the nose will levitate higher allowing you to hang ten like never before and giving you confidence knowing that this board will not pearl.

Ideal Wave Size:Knee to chest high

Recommended Fins: Source Sponson Single fin

Standard Glassing Schedule: Deck ~ double 7.5oz deck with deck patch.

Bottom ~ single 7.5oz bottom with fin patch. Gloss & polish finish.

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