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Board Elements:The Sponson is a full body noserider. The width of the board is carried through to the squash nose making it a stable platform for hanging ten. The square tail block is shaped with a slight scoop, which enables water to flow over the deck, through the tail section of the board creating fin engagement and lift in the nose. This noserider has chined "Sponson" rails in the nose for additional stability and power steering while on the tip. The rails then drop to a 50/50 and continue down the board. On the bottom, a deep tunnel hull concave that starts in the nose block and runs through the entry of the board. A mild roll through the mid section and off the tail was added to get this board up on rail quickly. The Sponson has the perfect amount of trim speed and will not pearl while on the tip. You will have the confidence to hang ten on the sketchiest of faces.

Ideal Wave Size:Knee to chest high

Recommended Fins: Source Sponson Single fin

Standard Glassing Schedule: Deck ~ double 7.5oz deck with deck patch.

Bottom ~ single 7.5oz bottom with fin patch. Gloss & polish finish.

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Source Surfboards Santa Cruz, Ca
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