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Vee Hull

Board Elements: The Vee Hull has a similar look to a 1960's Australian transitional shape. It has a displacement hull entry that flattens through mid-section and then flows into a heavy vee in front of the fin which decreases as it approaches the tail block. The vee helps loosen up the board as well as facilitate rail transition. It also helps the tail to engage quickly. It's shaped with a spoon nose to cut down swing weight and help the board to come around quicker. The Vee Hull has a tuna like flex fin for low drag while in trim. This is a unique and very smooth, fun board to add to your quiver.

Ideal Wave Size: Knee to overhead

Recommended Fins: Single fin with Source Whip flex fin

Standard Glassing Schedule: Deck ~ double 7.5oz deck with deck patch.

Bottom ~ single 7.5oz bottom with fin patch. Sand finish.

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